Our Vision:

The vision of the Edinboro University PRSSA chapter is to allow our members to attain opportunities, experiences, and hands-on education in the field of public relations.  We aspire to supply our members with the knowledge, insight, and support to grow and succeed in their futures aspublic relations professionals.

What PRSSA Can Do For You

As the preeminent pre-professional organization for students of public relations, PRSSA offers its members numerous opportunities develop professional and personal skill sets. As a new or prospective member it may be overwhelming to see the scope of our national organization. We constantly offer our members events, materials and communication that promote knowledge and understanding of our field. To follow is a brief introduction to PRSSA’s activity on the national level. Each activated hyperlink will give you more information.

National Conference
Students from around the nation convene each fall for four days of professional development, career advancement, resume critiques, networking opportunities, social events and much more. Recent Conference locations include San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago.

National Assembly
PRSSA Chapters send members each spring to the National Assembly where everyone participates in advanced leadership training. One delegate from each Chapter votes to elect a new National Committee and votes on any proposed bylaw changes. Recent Assembly locations include Miami Beach, San Diego and New Orleans.

Regional Activities
Organized and hosted by PRSSA Chapters at various locations across the country, these spring sessions serve as mini-conferences for our members. Regional Activities provide on a more localized way to meet students and professionals.

When personal connections just are not enough, PRSSA members can search an online database for internship opportunities around the nation. JobCenter is accessible through our Web site only to PRSSA members.

PR Issues and Trends
PR Issues and Trends is a daily news service brought to you by the PRSA. This service reports on industry trends, advocacy and other issues impacting the profession and the professional.  Each business day, PR Issues and Trends will be e-mailed to you.

This e-mail list engages members in discussions about the public relations profession and PRSSA’s many programs.

PRSSA’s national newspaper that is produced three times annually.

Scholarships and Competitions
Each year PRSSA and its sponsors award nearly $20,000 in national scholarship and award competitions.

Many PRSSA Chapters have created student-run firms that serve companies in their respective areas. Firms are a good source of on-hand experience and fundraising.

The strong relationship between PRSSA and its parent organization, PRSA, gives members the chance to network and build ties with professionals. PRSSA offers a sense of professional identity–something that is priceless when looking for internships and jobs.

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