March 24, 2015 Meeting Minutes

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Edinboro University Executive Board Chapter Business Meeting

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Edinboro University Chapter of PRSSA, was called to order on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, at 2:05 p.m. by President Katie Close. The meeting was held in the Journalism and Public Relations Department office at Edinboro University.

Absent Members:

Becca Martin

Officer Reports

President’s Report:

  • Tshirts:

    • S-7, M-4, L-2, XL-6 2XL-1

    • (eboard S-4, M-1, L-1, 2XL-1)

      • $36 from members (Dr. P, chapter pays for)

    • (Haleigh S, Brady XL, Khaliq XL, James L, Cheyenne S, Rosa S, Mariah M, Maur’Shea S and Faiga S)

      • $54 from members

  • Business Cards once head shots are in

    • Goal is to have them by Student Day

  • Additional information to executive board descriptions

    • Each position should have a folder/binder to pass down to new position holder

      • Have binder done for 4/15 meetings

    • Edits are to be in by next eboard

      • Ex: Secretary-Manages Google Calendar

        • Manage email list to ensure only members are receiving emails

      • Ex: PR- Add members/interested members as friends and invite to like Edinboro PRSSA Chapter FB page

        • Add members to FB member group

        • Manage members in FB group

      • Ex: Historian- Manage Google drive folders and information within

    • Invite new eboard members to eboard meetings

    • Shadowing to transition

Treasurer Report:

  • Checking balance tomorrow, will have amount at chapter


Secretary Report:

  • Google Calendar is up and running

  • We are in need of people to make/buy things for the Bake Sale

    • HUGE push for people to bring items

  • Did we contact Dr. Raymond’s wife to make something? Done


  • Schedule change- will be available next week.

  • Helps PR director hang up flyers

Public Relations Director(s) Report:

  • We hung up the flyers in town for Subway fundraiser, Spaghetti dinner and Student Day


Old Business

  • Bakesale 3/26: 10-2

    • Set up at 9:45 9:30

    • Signups: working & items

    • Do we need anything? YES!


  • Subway Fundraiser

    • 4/1: 4-8pm

      • Wear PRSSA tshirt & jeans

      • Please plan to be there from at least 3:45-8:15


  • Student Day

    • 4/9: 12;30-4:30

    • How many of you are going?

      • RSVP

    • List of RSVP’s

    • Class excuse

    • Professional Dress


  • Journalism Day

    • 4/10: 8:15-3

    • Campus media table

    • How many plan on attending-Katie will RSVP to Jim

    • Table in the UC hallway is in for 8:15-3pm

      • T Shirts, koozies, informational handouts

      • Goal is to raise awareness for PRSSA

      • Half to deposit in account through SGA

    • Class excuse

    • Professional Dress


  • Spaghetti Dinner

    • 2 shifts to work:

      • 2-5 & 5-8

      • Wear chapter tshirt, jeans & closed toes shoes

      • Arrive at 2 to make salads & set up

      • At least 1 person in kitchen handling food at all times

      • 2-3 people in kitchen at all times

      • 3-4 people serving at all times

        • Sign up sheet


  • Food:

    • Bread and butter, salad with dressing, spaghetti, sauce and and meatball

  • Drinks:

    • Water is provided but anything else must be ordered at the bar by the customer

  • Tickets are $10

  • Ticket table week before in Compton

    • 4/2, 4/3, 4/6, 4/7 & 4/8

    • Sign up sheet

    • 50/50 raffle

      • Tickets 3-$1 or arms length for $5?

      • Basket to raffle off?- We are not doing this!


  • Promotional material for Graduation DVD sales by 4/14

    • Emily Talk to Jim


  • Battle of the Bands Event? TBD


  • Bathroom news


New Business

  • 3/25 Chapter Meeting

    • Elections Each candidate will speak on why they are running for ANY position; Once someone has been elected into one position their name will be knocked off the ballot for any other position; Dr. P and Katie Close will count the ballots and announce the winner, at the 3/25

    • Egg challenge

    • Event? No event will be held

    • Pizza and Pop


  • Classes-Professors to talk about Student Day

    • List of professors in Google Drive


  • PNC

    • Set date to get Katie Smolen off card and new Treasurer and President added after elections.

    • Does anyone what all is needed by the bank for this?



  • PRSA NWPA: March Event Friday March 27 from 8:30-9:30

    • 8-9:30am

    • Eriez Magnetics

    • Head count


Meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lauren Washington

Edinboro University PRSSA Chapter, Secretary

**If there are any changes to be made, please e-mail me

Spring Calendar


8:30 in Compton 2nd floor study lounge

Chapter Meeting – Egg Nomination Challenge

Executive Board Elections

Fundraising Money Due

*buy gift card for winner

Bakesale signups

Items, shifts, poster

Subway signups

PRSSA Annual Spaghetti Dinner Signups



Bakesale in Compton 1st floor lobby 10-2, set up at 9:45

Fundraising money due

Winner announced



Subway fundraiser 4-8



1-4 in MPR of UC

Student Day with NWPA PRSA



Journalism Day

UC times 8:15am-3pm

Campus Media Table



Annual PRSSA Spaghetti Dinner at Hotel Bar: 3pm-7pm



Promotional material for Graduation DVDs up and in UC/around campus



Workshop and Chapter?



Bakesale in Compton 1st floor lobby



8:30 in Compton 2nd floor study lounge

Last chapter meeting of the semester!


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