April 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes

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Edinboro University Executive Board Chapter Business Meeting

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Edinboro University Chapter of PRSSA, was called to order on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, at1:56 p.m. by President Katie Close. The meeting was held in the Journalism and Public Relations Department office at Edinboro University.


Attendance: 7/7 + Liam

  • Student Day

    • 4/9: 12:15-4:30

    • Review RSVP’s

      • RSVP lh132189@scots.edinboro.edu

    • Registration table Becca & Emily

      • We need at least one person to sit here to check people in and hand out name tags

      • Name Tags (blank ones too) Pens, paper… anything else?

      • Non- RSVP, write in names to RSVP list

      • Marker for name tags

    • 1-2 Career opportunities in PR

      • MPR A : lecture style setup

    • 2-3 Networking event Lauren & Holly

      • MPR B :  smaller rectangle tables with chairs ~20 tables

      • Signs with professionals names, position and their organization

      • Table decoration/fillers?

      • Notecards

      • ~5 rotatations

    • 3-4 Panel on crisis communication

      • MPR A : lecture style set up

    • 4-4:30 Social

      • Where?

        • Tall tables are through catering

    • Nametags for all those who RSVP’d

      • Name, Position, organization and/or university

    • Classes-Professors to talk about Student Day

      • List of professors in Google Drive

      • Business department no one replied

        • Liam?

          • will be contacting police dept. re: parking

    • RSVP

      • Liam can you email the RSVP’s to EUPRSSA@gmail.com today and Wednesday by 4 so we can get the nametags done?

    • Class excuses

    • Professional Dress

    • Gift for NWPA PRSA President?

  • Charleys- Thursday @ 5:30pm (only for e-board members)

  • Send a thank you letter to Ed (NWPA President), following the event


  • Journalism Day

  • 4/10: 9-2 (8:15-3) Holly 8:15-12:45, Lauren 10-10:50 & 11-11:50, after luncheon until ending, Katie entire time

  • Campus media table

  • How many plan on attending?

    • Katie will RSVP to Jim

    • Lauren, Holly & Katie

  • Table in the UC hallway is in for 8:15-3pm

    • Katie will set up, who else can set up and run the table?

    • T-shirts ($7), koozies($3), spaghetti dinner tickets ($10), informational handouts

      • PR Directors making poster for prices

    • Goal is to raise awareness for PRSSA

    • Half to deposit in account through SGA

      • Katie will bring PRSSA items to table

      • Will someone create/bring a poster or something of the sort

  • Class excuse

  • Ron-WFSE Remote Broadcast? Yes

    • Never responded

  • Professional Dress

  • Luncheon 12:00-1:30pm

    • MPR A

    • Katie, Lauren, Holly, Becca, Emily, Liam


Officer Reports


President’s Report:

  • Lauren: Ciera from E-TV

  • T-shirts – $6

    • Khaliq, Rosa, Mariah, Faiga, Meg, Emily

  • Business cards

    • Everyone picked theirs up and seemed to like them!

  • Additional information for executive board positions

    • Eboard position binders due to pass off 4/22


Treasurer Report:

  • $172.55 in the bank account

  • Lockbox with change for the table on Friday

Secretary Report:

  • Spoke to Dr. Esposito (Rhetoric & Pop Culture), Dr. Covington (Comm Law) courses

  • Dr. Peyronel, Dr. Raymond and Dr. Wertz have made announcements in their classes


  • no report


Public Relations Director(s) Report:

  • Holly: FB Eboard group

    • Invite new eboard to eboard 4/14

    • Old & new eboard event 4/29?

      • Bowling or Compadres?

  • EUP_PRSSA Facebook

    • EUP_prssa

      • peyronel

  • Hotmail email


Old Business

  • Subway fundraiser

    • They haven’t contacted me yet with amount we profited but we had ~113 orders which is ~20 over what they had the previous Wednesday


  • Spaghetti Dinner 4/12

    • 2 shifts: 2-5 & 5-8

    • Wear chapter tshirt, jeans & closed toes shoes

    • Arrive at 2 to make salads & set up

    • 2-3 people in kitchen at all times

    • 3-4 people serving at all times

      • Sign up sheet

    • Food:

      • Bread and butter, salad with dressing, spaghetti, sauce and a meatball

    • Drinks:

      • Water is provided but anything else must be ordered at the bar by the customer

    • Tickets are $10, Money is collected at fundraiser, each member required to sell three tickets but encouraged to sell five

    • 50/50 raffle

      • Tickets 3-$1 or arms length for $5

  • Promotional material for Graduation DVD sales by 4/14

    • Emily can you send what you have to the drive so Katie & Becca can work on something and get it approved/done by the 14th?

      • Fliers & Facebook


  • Food drive with campus media

    • Still haven’t received an email

  • PNC

    • Set date at 4/14 eboard meeting to get Smolen off, Lauren & Haleigh added.

    • Meg, did you find out what all the bank needs for this?


  • April bake sale

    • Cancellation or 2nd floor study lounge?

    • 4/23, 10am-3pm, 2nd floor outside study lounge


New Business

  • Hang Student Day fliers in classrooms


Meeting adjourned at 2:44 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lauren Washington

Edinboro University PRSSA Chapter, Secretary

**If there are any changes to be made, please e-mail me EUPRSSA@gmail.com



Spring Calendar



Student Day with NWPA PRSA

1-4:30 in MPR’s of UC



Journalism Day

UC table times 8:15am-3pm

Campus Media Table



Annual PRSSA Spaghetti Dinner at Hotel Bar: 3pm-7pm (2-8)

Ticket money due



Promotional material for Graduation DVDs up and in UC/around campus



Workshop and Last Chapter Meeting of the Semester

Crisis Communication Situational Analysis

Position binders due


Both eboards event

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