April 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes

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Edinboro University Executive Board Chapter Business Meeting

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Edinboro University Chapter of PRSSA, was called to order on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, at 2:03 p.m. by President Katie Close. The meeting was held in the Journalism and Public Relations Department office at Edinboro University.

Absent Members

Becca, Emily


Officer Reports



  • Thank you for everyone’s amazing participation and contribution this past week throughout all of our events!  This executive board has come a long way and I think the success of our events this past week have reflected that.


  • There is a doc in the drive titled “Student Day Critiques” under the Miscellaneous tab.  Please take a few minutes out to add a few things about what you would do different if we host Student Day while it’s fresh in your mind.

    • If you’d like we can pull this doc up now and discuss things as a group.


  • There is also a doc in the drive titled “Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser” under the Miscellaneous tab.  Please take a few minutes to add a few things about what to remember for next year in addition to what to do differently and what to add into planning or the event itself.

    • If you’d like we can pull this doc up now and discuss things as a group.


  • T-shirts – $6

    • Khaliq, Rosa, Mariah, Faiga, Meg, Emily



  • Same amount of money in account as last week.

  • I will be taking care of fundraising money tomorrow and putting it in the account.

  • We made roughly ~$200 Wed, ~$100 Subway & ~$300 in fundraising



  • PNC

  • Meeting with Ciera, E-TV, Thursday


Public Relations Directors:

Old Business

  • Subway fundraiser maybe have this fundraiser earlier in the semester

    • We made ~$106!

    • Thank you note card and have it signed by all of us


  • Spaghetti Dinner 4/12

    • We made ~$180 yet we still need ticket money from the following people:

      • Meg (1), Khaliq (2), Rosa (3), Brady (3), James (2), Haleigh (2), Maur’Shea (3) and Cheyenne (2).

    • For next year, require e-board to sell 3 tickets. If you do not sell your tickets you have to work the table in compton


  • Promotional material for Graduation DVD sales by 4/14

    • Fliers & Facebook


  • Food drive with campus media CANCELLED

    • Still haven’t received an email


  • PNC

    • Set date at 4/14 eboard meeting to get Smolen off, Lauren & Haleigh added.

      • Please be sure to bring the minutes with you with the new eboard as well as the minutes Smolen dropped.


  • April bake sale

    • 4/23, 10am-3pm, 2nd floor outside study lounge

    • Theme? same poster as last time

    • Sign up at chapter meeting 4/22

      • Wear PRSSA shirts

      • Poster

      • Card swiper for ipad? Yes


  • Eboard position binders due to pass off 4/22 or 4/29?

    • Add log-in information to binders

    • A smooth leadership transition is essential for maintaining a strong Chapter, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of work.

    • An effective transition helps new leaders make good choices about programs to start, stop or continue; prevents leaders from repeating past mistakes; and helps maintain relationships with professionals and organizations with connections to the Chapter.

    • Information Binders. Have each executive board member create a binder that outlines everything the next officer will need to know about the position. Include the C.H.A.R.T. Guide:

      • Chapter History. This section is a historical reference for new leaders. Include the Chapter’s founding date, information about the PRSA sponsor Chapter, and partnerships with campus or local organizations.

      • Accomplishments. Include a list of awards earned, competitions entered and sponsorships received.

      • Records. This section has contact information for past presidents, award and scholarship recipients, members who served nationally, and past speakers. Also include dues forms, fundraising information, workshop and recruitment ideas or survey results.

      • Transition. Outline your Chapter’s leadership roles and a timeline of responsibilities for each position.

    • Contacts, materials from past events, agendas & PRSSA resources such as:

      • Job description

      • Bylaws, policies and procedures

        • http://prssa.prsa.org/chapters/leaders/handbooks/PRSSABylaws.pdf

      • Handbook (2015-2016 isn’t released yet)

        • http://prssa.prsa.org/chapters/leaders/handbooks/14_ChapterHandbook.pdf

New Business

  • Student Day-Thank you to Ed Stevens Lauren to write e-mail

  • Thank you email to those who RSVP’d? Liam to send Thank You e-mail.


Meeting adjourned at 2:53 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lauren Washington

Edinboro University PRSSA Chapter, Secretary

**If there are any changes to be made, please e-mail me EUPRSSA@gmail.com


Spring Calendar



Promotional material for Graduation DVDs up and in UC/around campus



Workshop and Last Chapter Meeting of the Semester

Crisis Communication Situational Analysis

Position binders due



10-3 outside of 2nd floor study lounge


Both eboards event

Orientation or Retreat. Plan time for bonding and discussion between the ingoing and outgoing board members through an event such as an orientation or officer retreat. Discuss programs that worked or didn’t work, goals for the following year, and review transition binders, lists of duties and other important information.

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